Bearspaw, AB

Revision by Stepper Homes is proud to provide full-service home and commercial renovations in Bearspaw, AB. Please call 403-888-7597 to schedule your initial consultation.

Home Renovations

At Revision, we have a team of skilled and experienced home renovation experts who can walk you through the renovation process of one or more rooms. Commonly renovated rooms include, but are not limited to:

Bathroom: From vintage to modern, our goal is to provide you with a space that is calming yet highly functional.

Basement: You might want to finish an unfinished space or turn your existing basement into a completely different type of room. Whatever your vision, we are ready to assist.

Kitchen: Whether your tastes run toward rustic farmhouse or sleek chef’s kitchen, we can create a kitchen that is warm and inviting, yet optimized for functionality.

Commercial Renovations

Renovating a commercial property can feel daunting, but our highly skilled team will walk you through the process. Whether you want to rehab an office space or bring a historic building up to code, we will help you every step of the way.

How Does it Work?

From our founder, Rudy Stepper, we have one basic mission: Everything is under control. We follow a step by step, transparent process that removes the guesswork.


The Discovery

First, we learn your vision for the project.


The Layout

Next, we will turn your vision into a highly detailed plan.


The Estimate

When you are happy with the layout, we will crunch the numbers for a clear, accurate estimate of all projected costs.


The Contract

When you approve the estimate, we will have you sign a contract and our customer guarantee and put down your deposit.


The Work

We will send you weekly updates of all work completed and upcoming throughout the project.


The Reveal

We will walk you through your finished project, explain how everything works, and answer any questions you have.


The Warranty

You have the protection of a full two-year warranty on materials and workmanship. We schedule a 30-day follow-up with our warranty team to discuss any issues you may have, and we will remain available throughout the warranty period.

If you are in the Bearspaw area, and would like to learn more or get started on your next home or commercial renovation project, please call Revision by Stepper Homes today at 403-888-7597.


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