Calgary Kitchen Renovations

At Revision by Stepper Homes, we are pleased to provide full-service kitchen renovations throughout the Greater Calgary area. Whether you want to knock down walls to create a modern open floor plan, or simply change out your tile floors for hardwood, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Our kitchen renovation experts will meet you where you are with your kitchen renovation. Even if you have only the vaguest idea of what your new kitchen might look like, we will work hard to bring your new kitchen to life. We can do a rustic farmhouse kitchen, a sleek chef’s kitchen, or anything in between.

How Does it Work?

We want to discover what is important for you on your next project. We get to know your needs as a customer. We draw out every detail of what you are looking for, so we can serve you best.

We finalize with you the exact details of what the project involves – this includes selecting what is going into the project, like specifications. This also includes putting together the floorplan, and understanding the best function and flow for your needs.

Once we have the layout and specifications, we will crunch the numbers and give you an accurate assessment of expected costs.

With pricing solidified and approved, sign our contract and customer guarantee. Put down your deposit and we will finalize and put the project in motion.

From demolition through construction, we will keep you posted on the progress of your project. Weekly follow-up will be sent each week, with an update on what has been completed, as well as expected items to be completed the following week.

Today’s the day – we are excited to Reveal your completed project. Our goal is to have each detail match your vision. We will walk your through all changes and provide you with a guide for how everything functions within your new space.

Your project is fully covered by a two-year workmanship and materials warranty, provided by the Alberta New Home Warranty Program (ANHWP). Thirty Days after the Reveal, you will have your 30-day appointment with our warranty team to review your project. Additionally, within your warranty period, we are available anytime.

If you are in the Calgary area, and would like to learn more or get started on your kitchen renovation project,
please call Revision by Stepper Homes today at 403-888-7597.