Chestermere, AB

Revision by Stepper Homes is proud to provide full-service home and commercial renovations in Chestermere, AB. Please call 403-888-7597 to schedule your initial consultation.

Home Renovations

Revision has a team of highly skilled home renovation experts who are ready to walk you through the process of renovating one or more rooms in your home. A few examples of commonly renovated rooms include:

Bathroom: Whether your style is sleek and modern or vintage and cozy, we can develop a soothing yet functional space.

Basement: Whether you want to finish an unfinished basement or turn an existing space into something completely different, we are here to help.

Kitchen: Whether you want a modern chef’s kitchen or rustic farmhouse charm, we can create a functional yet welcoming kitchen.

Commercial Renovations

Our team of skilled experts in commercial renovations are standing by to walk you through the renovation you imagine. Whether you are bringing an old building into the 21st century or rehabbing a drab office space, we are ready to assist.

How Does it Work?

Our founder, Rudy Stepper, gave us one simple mission: Everything is under control. Our transparent, step by step process takes away the worry, letting you follow your project from design to completion.


The Discovery

We want to know your vision for the project.


The Layout

We will turn that vision into a fully realized plan.


The Estimate

We will develop a detailed, highly accurate estimate of all projected costs.


The Contract

After final approval, we will have you sign a contract and our customer guarantee and put down a deposit.


The Work

We will keep you updated weekly throughout all phases of your project.


The Reveal

We will host a reveal of your finished project, show you how everything works, and answer any questions you have.


The Warranty

Your project is protected by a full two-year warranty on materials and workmanship. Your 30-day follow-up with our warranty team provides an opportunity to discuss any issues you may have, and we will remain available throughout the warranty period.

If you are in the Chestermere area, and would like to learn more or get started on your next home or commercial renovation project, please call Revision by Stepper Homes today at 403-888-7597.


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